The Lambert Company
was founded as an answer to what Kiwi Audio Designer, Garry Lambert, saw as a weakness of the High End Audio industry: It often failed to reach the very people to whom the pleasure of listening to MUSIC is the driving force behind their purchase of Audio products. For many customers, High End Audio, and the process of purchasing product, is simply too intimidating. Many of the products that strive to most accurately reproduce recorded music are often prohibitively expensive, physically massive, and are both financially out of reach of many potential customers, and out of place in their homes. Though often stunning products, with superb sound – they simply do not fit the lifestyle of numerous music lovers.

After years as a designer of High End Audio Electronics, Loudspeakers, Cables, etc., working in New Zealand, USA, and Asia, and being involved in every aspect of the High End Audio business, Lambert evolved a series of products with one basic aim:

To produce product with a quality of MUSICAL Reproduction acceptable to even the most serious Audiophile, but physically small enough, inexpensive enough, user friendly enough, to make any lover of music a High End Audio convert.

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