ATC-CA2 Preamplifier

ATC-CA2NZ RRP $3,199

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“…if you want to hear the important musical detail presented in a coherent, clear-cut fashion this pairing has remarkably little competition in the two box arena. There are a few integrated amps which give them a run for their money in one respect or another but nothing comes to mind which seems like a better overall package.” Jason Kennedy Hi Fi Plus No75

  • Hand built in the UK.
  • Ultra-low noise discrete design.
  • 6 phono inputs.
  • XLR and phono main outputs.
  • Additional Sub, Tape and Headphone outputs.
  • On-board RIAA phono stage.
  • 6 year warranty.


  • Input Sensitivity: 300mV (1V Out)
    Input Impedance: 12k ohms
    Frequency Response: DC – >200Khz
    THD: >110dB
    Dimensions (HxWxD): 90x445x330mm
    Weight: 7kg / 15.4lbs


ATC CA2 Review, What Hi-Fi? December 2009

Hifi Choice 2015HFC_Recommend_badge ATC CA2/p1

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